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:iconloveblackplz: WELCOME, TAKE A LOOK AT MY ART :iconloveblackplz:


I am hardly on my Deviantart page anymore, I am more active on my Facebook, ---->… I am going to go to WONDERCON 2014 :D I am going as Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea, you can see the progress on my facebook page. Here is my tumblr page as well --->  feel free to ask me anything or to follow me :) I try to keep contact with my fellow watchers. 



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Lizette Garcia
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I am hardly on Deviantart so sometimes my info will change every now and then. 8/16/14

Real Name: Lizette Robles

Birthday:Febuary 19


About me: There are times when I can be very serious, quiet, and like to be alone. But once you get to know me, I am a pretty nice person, but I am very aggressive, also i can be "funny" and act stupidly just for laughs. I really like to laugh. I hate people, so many of them are ignorant, arrogant, and very evil but i know there are some good people out there, I am not saying all of them. I mostly hate girls. They are annoying, i usually like to hang out with dudes. But i do have great friends who are faithful and I can trust. Once you lose my trust, I will never trust you again. I am into gothic styles, Goth is a very a beautiful style that i just love alot. Im a BIG gamer, I have always loved video games ever since I was a child, my brother got me into them when i was like 4 years. I like to protect myself from the sun, so i always carry an umbrella with me wherever i go. I wear long sleeves and hoodies even on Sunny days, to protect myself from the sun. I have started drawing when i was 3 years, to this day I am good at drawing portraits. I am way better on paper than on digital. On digital i still have a LONG way to go. I may look like just a goth that hates sunlight, i am also a BIG nerd. I love to Cosplay so very much, and i love to watch Anime, and cry over it. I have the biggest soft spot for cute things, whenever i see something cute, I just go crazy. I get inspired by my hero Tim Burton to draw "unusual" drawings. His style is very unique and that's why I love it. I suffer from asthma, my anxiety, and I am VERY claustrophobic. That's all you need to know about me.

Likes/Loves:Chicken, Video Games, my best friends/friends, music, drawing, cosplaying, anime, sweets, cute things, bunnies <3, my family, watching funny videos, classic horror and laughing, guys with long hair <3, creepy things, gore, unique things, working out

Dislikes/Hates: Whores,conceded people,racist people,country music,Justin Bieber,Hannah Motana,gangsta's,wannabee's,class clowns (some are very annoying),show off's,people who wont shut up,fangirls of JB, the color pink,girly girls,rainbows,trolls,doing chores, drama queens,taking the trash out,mornings,Myspace,the word panties,moist,and tissue,the sun,sunnydays (juice),hot places,sweating,quizes,smartasses, douchebags,SPIDER'S!!!!,girls that complain for EVERYTHING, cry about EVERYTHING,and get grossed out by everything,scaredy cats,walking to school,girls that say 'oh i look soooo ugly' and thier not (i stopped saying that),the movies and books of Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse, and Breaking dawn, barbies,carrying text books,Regular show, adventure time, when guys think they are so tuff but they are actually giant pussies,when you have a guy as friend but when he is around his friends he acts like a douche to you,people that say that lesbians and gay people go to hell -_-,when girls take pictures of themselves showing off thier cleavage or ass (one of the many reasons why i hate girls),when people talk crap behind your back and they are too afraid to say it to your face,taking medicines, yaoi and yuri, ,OCXCANNON PAIRINGS, doing boring projects and essays, rude people, Heros of Cosplay drinking, cigarettes. I pretty much hate almost everything in this world but you know I try to live with it

favorite bands/singers: I listen to almost anything. But i mostly enjoy metal or video game soundtracks.

favorite shows: Criss Angel MindFreak,Dexter,Dexter's labortary,the power puff girls, cow and chicken, Johnny Bravo, Flintstones, Ed,Edd, and Eddy, Cat Scratch, looney tunes (old ones), spongebob, south park, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Aqua Teen, Family Guy, Metalocalypse, Invader Zim, and Cat Dog. I hardly watch television now a days.

Favorite Movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas will my #1 movie, loved it as a baby. I do have favorites. Any movie that caught my attention and are good.

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